SetsCM - Computer Maintenance Service

Computer maintenance can never be overemphasized. Just as you wouldn't want your car to breakdown in the middle of nowhere; you shouldn't want your computer to breakdown too.

Signup with us for your routine computer maintenance service and never be disappointed again. Say "NO!" to downtime.

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SetsConsults - Consultancy Services

Do you want to setup a:

  • Computer Lab.?
  • CyberCafe?
  • Business Centre?
  • Internet?
  • etc.

Consult us today. We are here to serve your IT needs.

Training & Internship

Are you interested in learning? We have two training programme:

  • Paid Training: with a regular class, teacher to student, kind of relationship.
  • Free & unpaid Internship: interns learn & gain experience by working closely with and assisting the engineers (on-field and off-field). They are often part of our R&D team.

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